Mixed use works for business

11 July New Urbanism

The Amdec Group’s upcoming Harbour Arch project will bring to the Cape Town CBD the very best that mixed-use developments can offer.

Balancing work & life

4 July New Urbanism

Work-life balance is no longer associated only with how or where we work – it’s increasingly being linked with where we live as well.

Cape Town enabling foreign investment

18 June News

Even though economic times are tough, Cape Town manages to appeal to foreign investors. What makes the Mother City so popular when it comes to direct foreign investment?

A green vision of the future

6 June Development News

In South Africa and across the globe, green building practices are changing the world by transforming construction on a global scale.

Inner-city living

31 May New Urbanism

Inner-cities are attractive to investors and tenants for a variety of reasons. Travel times are reduced. Fuel and energy costs are lower, and you can shrink your carbon footprint.

What is driving the Western Cape property market?

24 May New Urbanism

The economic slowdown has inevitably affected the once-booming property market in the Western Cape, but it remains resilient. What is keeping it going?

The future of mixed-use shopping

14 May New Urbanism

Shops and shopping centres are having to adapt to the changing needs of their customers, and the expectations of the consumers they want to attract. But while online shopping is undeniably convenient, bricks-and-mortar outlets remain popular.

Small child showing flowers

How to reduce your carbon footprint

9 April New Urbanism

Your lifestyle determines your carbon footprint. Where you live and work, how much water and electricity you use, what you eat and wear, how you get…