Designing cities for good mental health

3 April New Urbanism

With so many city dwellers suffering from mild to severe mental illnesses, the impact of urban life on our frame of mind is starting to register more widely. Consequently, mental health is moving up the list of key considerations in the planning, design and development of urban areas.

How green are Cape Town’s office spaces?

26 March New Urbanism

Some of the most environmentally friendly commercial property and office spaces in Africa are found in Cape Town. Take a look at a few ways and places the Mother City where such developments are working hard at caring for the environment.

Young couple walking in a new urban precinct

What’s up with ‘walkability’?

19 March New Urbanism

Many cities are becoming more people-friendly thanks to something surprisingly simple – walking –by planning and designing on a more human scale.

Why live in a mixed-use precinct?

13 March New Urbanism

Urbanisation is challenging cities across the globe as people migrate in ever-increasing numbers from rural to metropolitan areas. It won’t be long before megacities like Tokyo and Delhi top 40 million inhabitants. Compared with 4.5 million in Cape Town and 5.6 million in Johannesburg, the scale of these places is jaw-dropping.

How mixed-use precincts are benefitting inner cities

4 March New Urbanism

As more and more people desire central living, with a range of amenities and minimal travel time, property companies must meet the demand with modern spaces that offer a range of benefits.

Cape Town seascape

Cape Town named top city of opportunity in Africa

15 August News

The Mother City has been labeled the African city of opportunity in a recent research report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Cape Town ranked 24th out of all…

The Yacht Club in Cape Town

Local Developments Channelling International Trends

3 July New Urbanism

South Africa’s property industry may well be under pressure owing to the recessionary state of the economy, but real estate remains an attractive investment opportunity –…

Future cities will adapt like living organisms

31 May New Urbanism

Wang Jian was once called crazy by Jack Ma Yun, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding, for suggesting that the company could have…